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85 Days Until Thanksgiving

It's like we're a shopping mall, starting the holiday music in September. Sorry about that. My daughter was (really; this is not a lie) playing Deck The Halls on the piano this morning before school.

Client 4476 last Christmas. Making progress, but wait til you see this Christmas: they've added window treatments and a new side chair, new kitchen countertops and all sorts of finishing touches. We've been tackling this home for three years now, little by little as the client has time and budget.  We're almost there!

That said, there really are only 85 days left until Thanksgiving. My point: we (you and SYI) could do a lot between now and then to spruce up your home before your critical mother/sister-in-law/cousin's girlfriend arrives. (Or, if you are a nice zen person with lovely relatives: plenty of time to make your space relaxed and cozy for you come the holiday.)  

Think of it as a new haircut for your house. Don't you love when everyone says, right after you do something drastic or even something just a tiny bit different than your usual: 'Wow! That cut looks great on you!  Who knew you'd look so good with [short, cropped, layered, red] hair?' You always knew, deep down; you just needed a nudge to try it. SYI is your nudge. Toggle over here to see our menu of services, and then over here to contact us for an appointment.   

Client 1014, with its great mix of vintage and new decking out a circa-1970s floor plan.  Art is going up soon!  We can't wait: art makes such a difference.  These lovely folks will have a gorgeous space in which to entertain come Thanksgiving.

Starting the design process in the lingering September humidity means you could get new furniture ordered and installed before the Macy's Day Parade airs. Imagine: chairs for every single guest to sit on, so you don't have to pull up the piano bench. Wallpaper and fantastic new sconces and art for the powder room, where all your guests will spend some alone time in reflection, soaking in your good taste.  

Let's just go crazy here for a minute. We can hang the art you have in your basement, get you a great new pendant for over your table, repaint anywhere or everywhere, reupholster Grandma's club chairs. We can re-conceive your whole first floor. It's true! And it will be FUN: we promise.  

Client 1620 - ok, fine, this is my house (Susan's), with the official SYI dog, Izzy, perched over there on the Womb Chair.  (We still don't have a coffee table; my husband insists that we need that open space to dance and wrestle.  That is, the kids need space to dance and wrestle, not so much us.) There's a lot here we want to upgrade someday (floor lamps, countertops - I don't know, maybe remove the plastic basketball goal from the wall), but we tore down the interior walls three years ago, resulting in a great open space to gather and eat and entertain.  

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