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Hourly In-home Consultation

Hourly Consultation

Consultation is available in hourly time blocks according to your specific needs. No matter how many hours you request, we will utilize the time productively and hone in on your priorities. We want you to come away with information you find valuable and clear direction for next steps.

You can always start with the smallest time allotment—just 1 hour—and then schedule additional sessions as needed in the future. Bonus: if you sign on for a Room Package, the first visit is included in the package cost.

Please note that there is a travel fee for going to homes outside the Monroe County area. Contact us to see what it is.

how does it start?

First, fill out our Design Questionnaire.  Once we receive that, we will contact you via email or phone to set up an initial meeting at your home (or via Skype if you are not in South-Central Indiana).  At that meeting, we get to know you and your space; you tell us what you're thinking of changing; and we determine together how SYI can help.  If one meeting's worth is all the assistance you need, we'll bid you farewell and good luck!  If you find you need more hand-holding, we'll draft your scope into our standard client agreement.  A client agreement must be signed before we move beyond an initial consultation.

during the consultation

Depending on your needs, priorities and time frame, your hourly consultation may involve

  • furniture arranging (like, really pushing your things around to see how they look and feel in new places)
  • paint selection
  • fabric and window treatments 
  • a unifying color scheme for your whole home or a portion of it
  • pencil sketches: built-ins, furniture and lighting plans, gallery walls, perspective views, etc.
  • lighting (hard-wired and occassional) suggestions
  • review and tweaking of architectural plans for new construction or a renovation
  • working with your architect to consider your home's interior spaces, aesthetically & functionally
  • art and/or accessory recommendations, shopping and/or placement
  • bookshelf staging
  • shopping for furniture or art/accessories with (or without) you

Ultimately you are in control of these sessions. We want to help get your creative mind going in the right direction. It's like having a friend in the business stop by for a coffee and a bit of help.

what we will provide to you

  1. Copies of any sketches we made during the consultation
  2. Documentation of ideas and suggestions discussed (Typically on pinterest or houzz, this may include products, contractor recommendations, design direction imagery, fabrics and colors, and shopping resources.)
  3. Our contact information, for follow-up questions!

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