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Real Estate Hourly Services

Real Estate Hourly Services

Selling and buying a home can be stressful, especially in a fickle and limited market like Bloomington, Indiana. If you need outside, unbiased help, reach out to us. Working in the interior design field, we know what is on trend in Bloomington and elsewhere. We know what people are seeking in a home. 

staging advice

Putting your home on the market and hoping for a quick sell? Bring SYI in for some hourly advice around purging and staging of your existing pieces. Should you unload some furniture in the family room to make it look larger? Should you paint your kitchen walls? We can help you determine that. And if you don't have time to finish a DIY home improvement project, we have a list of people that can get it done for you. 

We will move furniture around, make sure your accessories are working for you, suggest on-trend paint colors, point out little things that entice buyers and share tricks that we incorporated when selling our personal homes - all to get you on your way to selling that house, fast.   

gut check on a potential home

Do you walk in a home and feel blinded by the current occupants' stuff?  Or do you have a hard time seeing a home's potential? Maybe you've just seen so many options, you can't think straight anymore - and you don't want to mess up this decision. Call SYI. We can come out and give you a quick opinion on a home's potential so you can decide to pull the trigger or let that one go. 

move in help

You did it. You bought a new house. Congratulations. Now where in the world does the leg lamp go? SYI can help you determine where your stuff goes in your new space: from sectionals to rugs to art. 


 This is the homeowner's stuff! Staged by SYI. 

This is the homeowner's stuff! Staged by SYI. 

Ultimately you are in control of these sessions. We want to help you get it done—sell your home or buy your home. It's like having a friend in the business stop by for a coffee and unbiased opinion. 

Time is of the essence. Reach out to us via phone or email. It's all on our contact page.