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Book Burst by Rachel Varon

Book Burst by Rachel Varon

  • Artist: Rachel K. Varon
  • Created using up-cycled books, sliced and folded into flower-like shapes
  • Folded paper, glue
  • 9"x9" frame without glass
  • Each piece is hand made and will have its own unique qualities. The photo is an example but the purchased piece may have slight variations
  • If you have a favorite book, let us know! For just $10 more plus the price of a hard copy version, I'd love to personalize your burst if the page weight and quantity is appropriate. Please contact us for more details
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Artist statement:

As an artist I strive to recreate, rebirth, and reinvent the world around me. The tactility of a book, the weight of the object in our hands, and the texture of its paper are a source of joy and pleasure that is being lost in our digital world. Sculpting pages into book bursts renews life to dusty, forgotten books.

Rachel Varon is a maker, collage artists, crafter, designer, programmer, and mother